Full Face with Every Product under $10

I love, love budget beauty items. I’m a gal who just likes quality, and why not get that quality without spending a fortune on it? I know how expensive makeup can get, so here I have created a look where every product I used is under $10! Though I should warn you that many of the brushes I am using are not under $10, because I am a firm believer in investing in a good set of brushes if you’re really invested in applying your makeup. That isn’t to say that there aren’t good inexpensive makeup brushes that I enjoy; Real Techniques has an affordable line that I enjoy, as well as e.l.f., and Morphe.

Basic glam ft. products listed below. Also I dyed my hair red. Hi, mom. 


  • Wet n’ Wild Photo Focus Foundation “Porcelain”// $5.99



There’s a spatula applicator on the foundation, it was awkward to put it on my face.

After my foundation I added my eyeshadow, (bad seed in the crease) and everything else blended on the lid from the crease. All of the eyeshadows I used were extremely pigmented, and I think they do a fantastic job, especially over the primer.


Then I added my Wet n’ Wild concealer, which was also a first for me, on all the placed my acne resides, as well as the dark spots on my face. The smell definitely was not as strong with this fella, though the shade range was limited.

I then covered my face in my ELF powder, because I  did not need this cheap stuff creasing on my oily skin. Then I added my bronzer, blush, and highlight. Easy-peasy. Then came the brows…which as you can see I did not do a TON to, and I kept that very simple with the essence product. To finish I put on my liner/lipstick and sprayed my face with setting spray. Voila! Cheap/simple glam.

Before + After. What do you all think? Comment below if you have any questions about the products!


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