How I Save $$$ on Beauty and Get Free Stuff

Get ready for a lengthy article, you guys. I tried to organize this into categories so you can get tips for places you might frequently shop or things that may be easily obtained. Also if I’m wrong or missing anything great, feel free to let me know! I’m always up for new information and tips. How do you all save money on beauty? Let me know down in the comments!


Sephora is expensive, plain and simple. So I know it is hard to want to spend money when you aren’t sure you’re really getting very much out of it, well, here is how to get the most out of your money at Sephora.

  •  Become a Beauty Insider: Sephora doesn’t really offer many discounts to beauty insiders unless you’re VIB; but definitely sign up to be a beauty insider if you aren’t already—you’ll get a free gift on your birthday, even if you don’t spend any money! Also, for every dollar you spend you earn points. Points 100+ (not hard to spend that kind of money if you love makeup), you can begin to redeem for mini sized items to try. I have received mascara, face masks, and lotions that I have all adored because I redeemed points.
  • Order Online: Get the most out of your Sephora purchase by ordering your merchandise online. You can get free goodies with your order, and let me tell you, I didn’t have to pay for mascara for about 6 months because I had so many free ones at one point. Every order you get the option to get 3 free samples, take them up on this! Also, if you spend a certain amount of money ($25 usually, which is not hard to do) most of the time you can enter a code in for a deluxe size sample!

    Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 10.28.59 AM.png
    Free Sample Page on
  • Free Samples in Store: Whenever you go into Sephora, you are allowed to ask for samples! Sephora has different “worlds” so get yourself a sample made from each world, if you so wish! I like to try out foundations before buying them, so I always make sure I get one made if I’m looking to try something new. I’m also a HUGE skincare junkie, so I usually ask for an expensive face mask sample that I wouldn’t usually be able to afford (I know, I’m bad). Also, when you check out in store, I usually ask for them to throw in some free samples behind the counter, because I just love that they can do that, and 98% of the time, they do! It never hurts to ask, guys! Here are some of the craziest, most expensive samples you can get, via The Krazy Coupon Lady.

CVS Pharmacy

You might be thinking “CVS, what the heck is she talking about?”

  • ExtraCare Bucks!- Most Pharmacies have rewards programs, but my favorite is the ExtraCare Rewards by CVS. Like most rewards programs, you earn money whenever you spend money. For example, you can get $5 for every 10 perceptions you fill, $3 every year on your birthday, $5 for every $50 spent, and 2% back in rewards! Also, CVS tracks your spending patterns, so check the bottom of your receipts for some pretty awesome coupons. Want more coupons? Check your email! CVS might be offering some coupons to add to your card (like $5 off a purchase, etc) so you might just be a few clicks away from saving some dough!
  • Sales + Couponing= Happy Wallet. The other day I got two sticks of Dove Deoderant and a lipstick for $5! Not too bad if you ask me. All because I layer on coupons, points, and extra care savings into a purchase. The best sales are BOGO 50%, so if you can find something like that, it’ll save you even more money.

Pinch Me! Box

  • This one is pretty easy, you sign up on the website (no gimmicks, no credit card info–whatever) and you tell them things like your interests, shopping habits, and then they’ll tell you what you what samples are avaible to you. Pick about two-three samples a month (it took forever for the samples to get to me…) and then review them online to get more. You won’t always get beauty related items, but my mom usually gets some travel sized body washes and random assortments of snacks here and there. Not too terrible when it is FREE!
Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 5.29.18 PM.png

Shop in an Unconventional Location

  • Gabe’s, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, even the Dollar Tree…all of these places I have scored amazing beauty finds (all name brand) for less. I recently scored a palette from TheBalm Cosmetics that was originally $36, for $12 at Gabe’s! If a product has a small imperfection, sometimes you can even ask the store to give you a bigger discount than the asking price.

Try a Subscription Box

  • You’ll have to pay about $10 a month for one of these, but typically each box/bag is worth about $50 in products. My favorite right now is Play! By Sephora, because I get 5 high-end products plus a perfume sample each month, but there are also other great ones like Ipsy, Birchbox, etc. My mom for instance is a fan of birchbox, because they cater to what she enjoys. My sister likes Ipsy because she gets a colorful bag every month and 5 new products to try! If you’re interested in one, do some research on what might work the best for you before you shell out the $10. Try a website like My Subscription Addiction to understand more about these types of services. Want to see a review on boxes I have received? Let me know down in the comments!


Anyways, those are my tips! Maybe some of these were things you knew, and maybe you learned something! If you have any more that you would like to share, let me know.


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